Wall Decor Pkg.

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  Shield and Armor Wall Decor Plaques

This Wall Decor Plaque Package includes everything but the concrete and water. The included CTC-07 Training Course (normally $599 alone) is included and will teach you everything about starting a concrete casting business that can be up and running in a week or less. Make these plaques right at home for 10% or less of retail prices. Sell them at flea markets, home shows, craft shows, or wholesale to landscape and concrete products stores. Or for the most profit, take custom orders and sell them directly to consumers. 

Our five Shields measure a nominal 24"x30"x2.5" and can be poured with concrete, cement, or plaster. Paint, stain, or color integrally with cement colorant.

Our four giant wall plaques are trimmed in a rope design, measuring a nominal 19"x34"x2" each.  They can be poured with concrete, cement, or plaster. Paint, stain, or color them integrally with cement colorant. Imbed hooks in back of the plaques for wall hanging. Or make with concrete and mortar them directly to cement walls for exterior applications as illustrated in the photos. Can be custom hand-painted or stained to look like metal, wood, or just plain concrete. Use interior or exterior.These are very popular sellers and can fetch your mold cost back with your first sale. Your cost in materials to make them is less than $3.00 each.

The molds are made with .060 or .093 High-Impact Industrial ABS material for its ability to duplicate detail, flexibility, durability, and long life. These molds are designed to be used 50+ times if cared for and used properly. Just follow our easy instructions and videos included with your training.

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