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Nothing looks quite as elegant and timeless as well kept stone walls. Whether they surround a garden, are on an old towering castle or on the face of a new upscale home of today. And stone can be used for patios, chimneys, and more...

Now you can have the look and durability of stone without the weight or the need for heavy equipment to install it.

Best of all, you can now make it yourself and save 80% to 90% of the cost! It looks just like natural stone, but is much lighter, making it easier to install, and can be done by a handy homeowner... male or female.

Each of these "Olde Castle Stone" molds is 1.5" deep resulting in a stone that can be poured up to 1.5" thick. The individual molds available range in size from 2"X6" up to 18"X18". Many of the same size Castle Stones have different face textures, so duplication on an installation is extremely unlikely, and would be difficult to notice. The face texture in general, is best discribed as a subtle slate texture, or old castle worn "chisel stone" texture. By turning a stone in a different direction, and using a slightly-different color, the same stone "shape" and "size" can be used over and over without looking like a duplicated stone.

You can make custom-colored, heavy, medium, or light-weight Castle Stone with our molds. Pour the molds to their full-thickness for stepping stones, deep grout wall stones, cobblestones, etc. Or pour them thinner for a stone-look, flooring "tile" or wall veneer. Remember that we recommend a standard weight mixture for horizontal surfaces like walks, and a medium or light-weight mixture for vertical surfaces, like walls. The thickness that you pour your stone, and the strength of the surface you are applying them to also determines how they can be used. Complete FREE instruction is included with your purchase, and additional instructions are readily available on our websites or via email should you have questions.

Our molds are made with .060 H.I. Industrial ABS plastic, for strength, flexibility, and durability, making a mold that is designed to last through hundreds of pours.

Your molds will be separated for you from the master sheet before shipping to help protect the molds better during shipping. It would be impractical to try to pour concrete or plaster into the full master sheets as well.

Many of our sets include FREE SHIPPING. One of these sets is our #CS-0010, which is a ten square foot set of 29 various-sized Castle Stone molds. Another set is our six-mold "Wall Cap Set" #CS-1000. The wall cap stones were designed to be used on top of a concrete block wall that has Castle Stone facing. They are all 10" wide, and various sizes in length.

If you want the stately look of a castle wall on any vertical or horizontal surface... then our Olde Castle Stone would be your choice.

Thank you for your interest in, and consideration of our products. If we can be of any help to you, or answer any questions for you, we are only an email away.





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