The Opus Romano Paver pattern is a classic tile pattern used through the ages to achieve the desired layout shown in the photos and illustrations on this page. The actual sizes can vary, but are always relative to each other in the size percentages as illustrated.

We have come across three different patterns that seem to be considered Opus Romano Patterns. Two are square, recurring patterns that are made up with either three or four different sizes. The three sizes we have made are 8"x8", 8"x16", and 16"x16". The fourth paver pattern sizes include a 16"x24" tile.

There is what we consider a "true" Opus Romano design pattern that includes four different sizes, and while recurring, the design also fits inside itself like a puzzle. This makes the pattern transitions indistinguishable as to where the pattern starts and where it finishes. The pattern flows as random tiles inter-woven within itself. Some people refer to this pattern as a French Versailles floor pattern, Roman Romano, Rome Opus, and other similar names. The pattern is normally made by starting with either 6"x6" or 8"x8" tiles, depending on if it is the 6" module or the 8" module pattern. Our Pavers are a 6" module starting with a 6"x6"x3", then proceeding to 6"x12"x3", 12"x12"x3" then finally 12"x18"x3", if a four-tile pattern is being created.

This tile and stone pattern has always been popular in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean where Travertine, marble, or granite have been mostly used for flooring and walls. Recently though, there have been other materials used to make these shapes and sizes for the Opus Romano pattern. Most notably, are concrete tiles and cement pavers that are becoming very popular both for their unlimited color possibilities, as well as their cost savings, range of applications and availability.

Thus, we at Olde World Concrete Molds have created two new designs in the Opus Romano sizes. One is a flat smooth Paver with straight vertical edges, and the other offers tiles with the face texture of a rough sea or field of wheat... we named the latter tile design, "Wind Swept".

Both of these styles have vertical sides and fairly sharp corners and edges, unlike most concrete tiles that have pillow or rounded edges. This allows installation with very minimal grout lines, and they may even be installed without grout between the tiles to allow a more uniform appearance if desired.

The advantage of our Opus Romano 3" thick Paver Molds are that they can be used to make 1/2" thick tiles, 1.5" thick Patio Pavers, as well as the full thickness of 3" used for heavy-duty Driveway Pavers. Instructions for doing these are on our www.TheMoldStore.info "Instructions & Training" website.

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