Drystack Flat-Faced

             #ODF = Olde Drystack Flat-Faced Stone Veneer Molds

Nothing looks quite as elegant and timeless as well kept stone walls. Whether they surround a garden, are on an old towering castle or on a new upscale home of today.

Now you can have the look and durability of stone without the weight or the need for heavy equipment to install it.

Best of all, you can now make it yourself and save 80% to 90%+ of the cost! It looks just like natural stone, but is much lighter, making it easier to install, and can be done by a handy homeowner... male or female.

These Olde Flat-Face Stackstone Mold masters were cast from natural Stackstone to give you the natural stone look.  Throughout the complete five-sheet set of 72 molds you will note that the stone varies in height and in length just like the natural Stackstone that shapes and combinations that they were made from. It blends in nicely with our Ledgestone style, should you want to add some interest to your project. If a really tight stacking is desired, we suggest that you shave a bit from the bottom of the stone right after demolding, as there is a very slight taper to the stone walls to help with the demolding process. A few of the stone molds are joined together as the original stones were.

Order all five sets for a total of 72 different molds and SAVE $100.00 off of the individual set pricing!



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