How can I contact you?
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What are molds made of?

Most of our molds are made with .060 high-impact, industrial ABS black plastic, for flexability, strength, and durability.  Most molds will be black, even though the photos show them as white.  Those photos were used to illustrate the design better, or they may be made with .060 high-impact polystyrene.

How long will molds last?

Molds are designed to last for 100+ pours when mold release is used, and when proper care per our simple instructions is exercised.

What should I do if order is not received?

Please allow at least ten days from your payment date before contacting us about your order.  As an example, shipping to the west coast is normally a minimum of seven business days in transit.  Under normal circumstances, we normally ship within 48 hours during the week.  We are closed on weekends. You may check on your order by emailing:

How many stones or tiles can I make in a day?

With our process, you can make one tile or stone per day, per mold.  If you have a large project, you may want to consider ordering a sufficient quantity of molds, based on the number of stones or tiles needed, and your work schedule.  As an example, it would take you 10 days to produce 100 square feet of tile using ten 12x12 molds, 20 days using five molds, etc.  NOTE: You should never force or rush the curing process... remember "drying" is not "curing". 


We currently do not offer corner molds for a few reasons.  The cost of rubber corner molds are somewhat prohibitive for the typical do-it-yourself project, ($40-$75 a foot).  In most cases, corners are not really necessary.  Some stone styles can be poured thick enough to be used at corners, or may be butted up against each other.  Different techniques are explained in our instructions.  REMEMBER... Mother Nature does not offer "corner" stones either.  :-)