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Here we are offering five pounds each of #115 YELLOW, #920 BLACK, #415 RED, #338 CHOCOLATE BROWN, and #750 GOLDENROD concrete colors. These are five of many base colors we offer that are used in our stone and tile formulas. Due to the strength of the pigment, usually very little color is necessary to achieve the color desired... usually measured by the gram! You can make stone, tile, brick, pavers, stepping stones, cobblestone, stone veneer, etc., with our concrete, cement, and plaster molds... But you're stuck starting with gray or white concrete and plaster so... why not add some color to your project!


FREE instructions on color mixing and various custom coloring techniques are included with each mold purchase. We recommend using a gram scale, like a postage scale, to measure the color for your batches. Be sure to keep weight and formula records. Obviously, everyone has a different perception of color. So you'll have to experiment to come up with your very own "custom" colors.


Our "Dusting" technique allows you to use very little color per stone item made, and offers a virtually unlimited natural stone color combination. Visit our free www.TheMoldStore.info  dedicated "Training and Instructions website for complete instructions, photos, and information.


Our powdered concrete colors are also available in five-pound, 25-pound, and fifty-pound bags for cost savings if you have a very large project. And the color can be used to color concrete, mortar, plaster, grout, etc. We also offer safe, water-based, concrete stains for use in coloring and staining after your concrete is poured and in place.

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