#0951-06- Six 6x6x.5" Rustic Molds

SKU 0951-06

Six #0951 Rustic Style Tile Molds

You are purchasing a set of six (6), 6"x6"x.75" Rustic style molds to make custom-colored, hand-crafted, floor, counter, and wall tile in virtually any color you may want! The photo illustrates two molds.

They make a great tile for floors, walls, counters, etc.  Use in a pattern along with our #1130 full 12"x12" Rustic Tile or our #1151 half (6"x12") Rustic Tile to make unique combinations. 


See the additional pictures to see these tiles in plain gray concrete as they come out of the mold, then the main picture is the same tiles after being Stained.  There is also a mold photo available.


These molds are made with .060 H.I. black ABS plastic for long life, and will last through hundreds of pours if handled properly.


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