8 oz. Cast Iron Premix Additive #253CI-08

SKU 253CI-08

Description: Olde World Stone & Tile, Cast Iron #253 is a neutral, biodegradable, liquid chemical additive and fortifier designed to prevent or reduce bleeding, segregation, shrinkage and cracking that occurs in concrete mixes. Our #253 Cast Iron product contributes hygroscopic gelling action to the mix, which holds moisture and provides creaminess and uniformity to the batch materials, increasing compressive and shear strength. #253 Cast Iron intensifies color shades in mixes containing iron oxide colorants and eliminates surface streaking. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable.


Application: Add 1 oz. of #253 Cast Iron to your mix water before adding the water to your 60lb to 80 lb. bag of premix concrete.


Limited Warranty: This product is warranted to be of merchantable quality when used according to the instruction herein. It is not warranted to be suitable for any purpose or use other than the general purpose for which it is intended. Liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement of the product as purchased, if found to be defective upon inspection by the manufacturer. This limited warranty is issued and accepted in lieu of all other expressed warranties and explicitly excludes liability for consequential damages. Buyer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of this product.

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