1 Gal. (A) Moss Green Concentrate (yields 5 gallons)

SKU A170-128

This 1 gallon of concentrated concrete stain is mixed 1 to 4 with distilled or deionized water... yielding 5 gallons of the desired color stain. They were formulated to be a safer, user-friendly alternative to solvent and acid-based stains. No HAZ-MAT shipping fee.


These concentrated concrete stains come in 4 oz. samples, quarts, and gallons. All sizes of concentrate are mixed 1 to 4 with distilled or deionized water. They yield five times the concentrate size of the desired color stain. These are water-based extra strength, stains, developed to achieve a natural appearance on concrete floors. They were formulated as a user friendly alternative to hazardous solvent and acid-based stains. They offer superior adhesion to both interior and exterior concrete, brick, stone, plaster, and terra cotta surfaces. As with all stains, the use of a sealer is recommended to extend the stain's longevity.

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