#CS-0010-01 29 Castle Stone Molds- 10 SF+ F/S

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Ten square foot Package of mixed Castle Stone Molds includes 29 individual molds that together make one ten square foot pattern per pour.  Click the "More Pictures" button to the left to see various Castle Stone installation photos. 


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Make hundreds of square feet of Castle Stone with this set. The Photo illustrates stone that has been up for three years. It now has that beautiful aged patina of old stone. This set includes a mix of different sizes of molds to make a ten square foot pattern of stone per pour. Molds last hundreds of pours, if cared for properly. The different sizes can be used as cobblestones, wall caps, stepping stones, etc. Or use in a designed pattern, (free drawing available), for larger areas.


Quantities of each size mold in the set are:
  • Five 2"x6"
  • Three 2"x12"
  • One 4"x4"
  • Five 4"x6"
  • Two 4"x12"
  • Five 6"x6"
  • Two 6"x12"
  • One 8"x8"
  • Two 8"x16"
  • Three 12"x12".
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    I have been using these molds to make stones for a 450' chimney that is currently just cinderblock. They are very nice looking and very easy to make. I use one 80lb cement mix for the 29 mold set and it works out just right. Pics soon!!!
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