#CS-1218-01- Castle Stone 12x18x1.5 Mold

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This CS-1218 Castle Stone Mold measures a nominal 12"x18"x1.5" and comes in a number of different face textures. The mold is made with .060 H.I. ABS Plastic for long life and durability, and is designed to be used for hundreds of pours if handled properly.


The Castle Stone style of stone consists of many different sizes of stone molds, ranging in size from 2"x6" up to 18"x18", all nominally 1.5" thick. They can be poured as thin as 1/2" thick for use as veneer or floor tiles, if desired. These pavers or large cobblestones can be produced in virtually any color imaginable, as well as combinations of colors. As with all of our molds, there are many techniques that can be used to get custom results. Free instructions are included with each mold purchase, and email support is always readily available.  We also have our instructions and training website available Free with each purchase.

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