CSP-1000 - Complete Stone-Only Business Pkg.

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The product photos may not be representative of everything that you will receive in this package.


Make up to 40,800 Square Feet of product valued at $204,000


 This package includes:

  • Our 200+ page, Manufacturing Training Manual on CD,
  • Our 125+ page Marketing Manual on CD,
  • Our Tile Manufacturing Training Video,
  • Our Olde World Stone & Tile Business Plan on CD,
  • as well as other additional training materials on CDs.

    Included also is:
  • 760 Sq. Ft. of Stone Molds
  • 240 Sq. Ft. Brick & Paver Molds
  • A large Protected Territory of 500,000 population,
  • One 24"x48"x30" H.D. Floor Model Vibrating Table,
  • 50 pounds each of ten assorted concrete colors (500 lbs. of color) 
  • 15 gallons of our proprietary Additive/Fortifier #1,
  • 5 gallons of our Proprietary Additive/Fortifier #2,
  • 5 gallons of our commercial MSP Mold Release,
  • 1 Quart each of 20 different concrete stain concentrates,(Makes 5 quarts each),
  • 25 gallons of StoneKote Sealer,  
  • 5 gallons each of MatteKote, GlossKote and GlazeKote Sealers.
  • Publicity and Internet support Package "A" includes domain name registration, website, Press Releases to up to 100 local Distributors, Dealers, Builders, etc.  Also a suggested Advertising and Marketing Plan, and other benefits

Add lifetime technical and marketing support via email, and you're set. Enough material to make up to $204,000 worth of custom-colored, stone, bricks, pavers, and cobblestones right in your garage, barn or workshop. Just add bags of Portland cement and aggregate per our proprietary mix formula. Both are readily available at most hardware and home supply stores... and you're in business! Or to make your samples and small orders, you can use bags of premix concrete and Sand Mix to save on space and for convenience.


The 200+ page Manufacturing Manual on CD covers all of the stone and tile production and finishing topics you need to learn to make a professional stone, tile, paver, and brick veneer product, and more. It is a step-by-step guide to manufacturing Olde World Products. We constantly add and update information in this manual covering stone and tile production and finishing. The two manufacturing systems are very much alike, differing only slightly in the mechanics of the system and the racking systems.

You will receive lifetime manual updates and email support. Should you ever have a question or problem, our support staff is only an email or phone call away, and will provide a quick answer and solution.


Introduction... Product Specifications... Production... Storage & Shipping... Safety Considerations... Tile & Stone Installation... General Administrative... Equipment & Materials... Custom Mix Formulas... Glossary of Tile Terms... Concrete Fundamentals... Plant Design & Layout... Updates & Addendums... Production Time Study... Raw Materials List... Production Rack Systems & Plans... Custom Color Formulas... Grouting Material... Mold Preparation... Manpower Requirements... Accounting Systems... Warrantees... Tools & Equipment List... Tile Pouring Techniques... Stone Pouring Techniques... Troubleshooting... Pre-Production Operations... Quality Control... Molds & Accessories... Stone & Tile Finishing Techniques... And MORE...

Concrete Tile Manufacturing Training Video on DVD:

Our full-color, professionally produced video walks you through the entire manufacturing process of Olde World Tile, from start to finish. Most of the techniques are also applicable to stone production. This is the perfect accompaniment to the training manual, as it illustrates visually, much of what is written in the manual. It shows finishing techniques and sealing examples as well. It's the next best thing to in-person, hands-on training. The video illustrates the processes and techniques used in a full-sized, commercial production facility, so you'll be able to periodically refer back to the video as a refresher course. You can also use it as a training aid for new employees. You also receive all current training, installation and tutorial videos. 

Concrete Stone & Tile Marketing Training Manual on CD:

Over 115 pages, plus supplements that teach you how to market your stone and tile to all classes of trade, and how to get free publicity, how and where to advertise, learn about customers' profiles, all about distribution channels, competition, pricing and profitability, selling tactics, public relations, advertising and promotion How to go to market in your specific type of area... and MORE!

Stone & Tile Manufacturing Business Plan Template on CD:

This CD includes all of the pertinent information about Olde World Stone & Tile, the tile industry, various customer profiles, sales and marketing strategies, the competition, how to use the plan, public relations, etc. All that needs to be done by you to complete a professional Business Plan is to fill in owner specific company, financial, personal, etc., information. When completed, you will have an in-depth Business Plan to print out and use as your road map to success, share with your banker, partners, etc. A Business Plan can easily cost thousands of dollars to have prepared normally. You can easily update your Business Plan yourself whenever the need or desire presents itself.

Installations and Producer Training Photo Album CD:

This compact disc (CD) includes hundreds of photos of tile, stone, and brick installations, past Producer training workshops, Producer facilities, Producer show booth setups, tile, stone, and brick finishing ideas and examples, etc. The photos will also illustrate and give you some insight into how other Producers have set up their facilities. These product photos can be used for your website as well.

Concrete Stone & Tile Business Forms and Letters CD:

This CD has examples of all of the forms and letters used in the day-to-day operations of a typical concrete stone and tile business. Manufacturing, customer relations, and marketing forms are covered. They are set up to be customized with your company information, headings, etc.

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Email: Info@Oldeworld.com,

Or go to our www.Oldeworld.com website.

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