#GLS-640 - 5 Gals. GlossKote Sealer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Olde World GlossKote Sealer is a water-based urethane/acrylic sealer designed for use on interior concrete floors, stone, and tile. It provides chemical and abrasion resistance and when cured, provides a sheen to the coated surfaces. It helps protect and prolong the color and appearance of the substrate. Olde World GlossKote provides resistance to UV and black rubber (heal) marks. This easy to apply, water-based, environmentally friendly formula cleans up with water. Top coating with Super-Sealer Wax is recommended to extend the life and protection of your sealed surface.

APPLICATION: Apply to clean sound floors. Apply at a rate of 300-600 square feet per gallon. Cleanup with soap and water before material dries. Drying time will depend on temperature… usually ½ to 2 hours. Apply two to three coats for best results, about 2-4 hours apart. Sealer may be applied to a damp or dry surface at temperatures about 50 degrees F. Apply with a sponge, “floating” the surface with the sealer. Apply in one direction, with the second coat in the other direct. (North-South, then East-West). Saturate item being sealed, but do not allow it to puddle on the surface.

COVERAGE: Approximately 300-600 square feet per gallon depending on porosity of substrate.

CLEANUP: Cleanup with water. Warm soapy water works even better.

PRECAUTIONS: Always test a small area for compatibility before proceeding. If a white film forms, wash away with water. If it persists, scrub with brush and water. White film is usually due to over-application and product puddling. Protect product from freezing. Store above 40 degrees F.

SAFETY MEASURES: Use gloves and protective glasses when handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid direct contact. Non-Flammable, water-based.

DISCLAIMER: Manufacturer warrants product to be free from defects and will replace it or refund the purchase price of said products proven defective. In that the manufacturer and Olde World Enterprises, Inc. has no control over handling, use or storage; no guarantee expressed or implied is offered. The suitability of the product for any use shall be solely up to the user. Manufacturer retains right to legal venue. For Professional Use Only.
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