#GLZ-032 - 1 Qt. GlazeKote Sealer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: GlazeKote is a clear non-yellowing solvent-based concrete and stone sealer formulated with acrylic co-polymer resins and lightfast, permanent, and alkali proof pigments. It is designed to penetrate deeply, giving a long lasting, hard, decorative finish to concrete products. This product is resistant to salt spray, acids, alkali, water, ultraviolet rays, and wet or dry abrasions. The resin system, which combines silicone and acrylic resins, has a very high resistance to traffic. May be used on all colored concrete, to include: Stamped Concrete Coatings, Cool Decks, Pool Decks, Concrete Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, and of course Olde World Concrete Stone and Tile products.

APPLICATION: Apply with brush, or roller. Roller should be solvent resistant phenolic core with nap of ¼” or less. To help eliminate bubbles, saturate roller before starting. A second coat is always recommended, and should not be applied until the first coat is completely dry. This generally means waiting a minimum of 1-2 hours, however job site conditions and weather may cause this time to vary. Always apply a uniform coat to help eliminate bubbles.

CLEANUP: Clean up with typical and accessible solvent-based materials similar to any that might be used for oil-based paint cleanup.

PRECAUTIONS: Always test a small area for compatibility before proceeding. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Take precautions to keep from splashing in eyes. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. Ventilate area being coated during application and drying periods. Do not apply where open flame or sparks exist. If material contacts skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Use commercial “waterless” hand cleaners.

SAFETY MEASURES: Use gloves and protective glasses when handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid direct contact.

TECHNICAL DATA: Specific Gravity: 1.08, Gloss 60 deg. on glass: 75, Weatherometer G23F Type: 2000 hours+, Coverage: 250-400 sq. ft. per Gallon, Abrasion Resistance: 12.5 gram loss (Tabor), Hardness (Toukon): 12-1000 cycles, Flash Point: 100 degrees f., Glass Transition Temp: 50 Tg degrees, Moisture Vapor Permeability: ASTM 99-66, and ASTM G23F, Hurricane Force Water TT-C-555B on effect. Product meets or exceeds applicable Federal Standard T7-C-555B, and are HUD approved. Acceptable under standard 14-1, ASTM 99-66, and ASTM G23F.

DISCLAIMER: Manufacturer warrants product to be free from defects and will replace it or refund the purchase price of said products proven defective. In that the manufacturer and Olde World Enterprises, Inc. has no control over handling, use or storage; no guarantee expressed or implied is offered. The suitability of the product for any use shall be solely up to the user. Manufacturer retains right to legal venue. For Professional Use Only.
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