CS-1000-02K Supplies Kit+ 2 Sets Castle Stone Wall Cap Molds F/S

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The Castle Stone style consists of stone molds ranging in size from 2"x6" up to 18"x18", all nominally 1.5" thick.

This 12-mold set includes four 10"x12" molds, and two each of 4"x10", 6"x10", 10"x10", and 10"x18" molds. They can be poured as thin as 1/2" for use as veneer or floor tiles, if desired. They can be produced in virtually any color imaginable, as well as combinations of colors. As with all of our molds, there are many techniques that can be used to get custom results.


For interior wall applications, you can use Plaster of Paris and be done in a fraction of the time it takes concrete to cure!


  • 1 set of 12 Olde Castle Stone Wall Cap Molds.
  • 8 oz. Professional Water-Soluble Mold Release Concentrate (Makes 2.5 Qts. of Release)
  • 2 Quarts StoneKote Brick and Stone Sealer
  • 5 lbs. Concrete Colorant (1 Brown, 1 Harvest Gold, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Black)
  • 8 oz. Special Premix Concrete Fortifier/Additive.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA! Or DISCOUNTED SHIPPING elsewhere in the world!


These 12, (8.62 SQ. FT.), Olde Castle Stone molds can also make lightweight wall stone, wall caps, and steppingstones, or poured to 1/2" thick for tile or veneer. This set of molds are sized to cover the top of a concrete block wall that has been face-stoned with Castle Stone. The photo illustration is of a 12" cap, which overlaps the wall. These 10" caps blend right into the sides to make a uniform straight-edge wall.

You receive FREE instructions on how to make, finish, and install the stone with your purchase. All molds can also be used to make thick stone pavers, stepping stones, stone veneer for walls, and stone tile for flooring... as well as the wall caps... depending on the thickness they are poured.

The stone wall pictured in this photo was recently made by purchasers of this mold package, who had no previous experience making manufactured stone veneer! The castle in the photo will be covered with this Castle Stone veneer, and the crenelations will be covered with these caps.


These molds can be used hundreds of times if cared for per our simple instructions. They are manufactured with a special .060, hi-impact, industrial ABS plastic, for strength, flexibility, and durability.

Free instructions are included with each mold purchase, and email support is always readily available.

Thank you for your interest in, and consideration of, our products. Should you need help with anything, just email: Help@Oldeworld.com

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    GREAT PRODUCT! I now get my wife one of your kits for almost every occasion. Can't for Valentines Day until you offer heart kits. lol Jeff from Phoenix
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