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Choose FOUR molds of either SS-1818-SLA, B, C, or D for a total of four molds. Indicate choice in the "Comments" section of the order form if you want other than one of each style. If no choice is indicated, you will receive one mold of each style... A, B, C, and D as the Kit photo illustrates. Total molds included in this listing are four molds, plus the supplies as described below.


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This kit includes all material needed to make 18"x18"x2.5"+ steppingstones, patio stone, or thin-poured stone tiles, except for the concrete mix and water. These 18"x18" stones blend beautifully in mixed sized Castle Stone wall applications too! No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project. - - JUST FOLLOW OUR SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS.

Many of the project photos on our websites were done by first-time users of our molds. Each mold can be used hundreds of times if cared for and used properly, as they are made with .060 H.I. Industrial ABS plastic for strength, flexibility, and durability. If you need additional molds, they can be purchased in our store by clicking on the category of the mold type you need in our index. Complete instructions are included FREE with your purchase, and are also available on our website.


  • 1 set of four 18"x18" Slate Slab Stepping Stone Molds. Molds are 1.75" to 2.75" deep to make thick large steppingstones, patio stones, or pour thinner for .5" thick tile.
  • 8 oz. Professional Water-Soluble Mold Release Concentrate (Makes 2.5 quarts of Mold Release)
  • 2 Quarts StoneKote Brick and Stone Sealer
  • 5 lbs. Concrete Colorant (1 Brown, 1 Harvest Gold, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Black)
  • 8 oz. Special Premix Concrete Fortifier/Additive.
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