KIT #GE-7000-01K Supplies Kit+ 1 Set of 4 Edging Molds



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This kit includes all material needed to make hundreds of Limestone Garden Edging Stones, except for the concrete mix and water.  This Kit is ideal for a garden project where you thick stones to create or just line flower or vegetable beds, or as a garden path edging. Curved stones allow you to make circles as well as curved borders.  No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project… Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions. 

Many of the project photos on our websites were done by first-time producers. Each mold can be used hundreds of times if cared for and used per our simple instructions. If you need additional molds, they can be purchased in our store by clicking on the appropriate product category.


  • 1 set consisting of 4 (different) thick Limestone Garden Edge Molds
  • 8 oz. Professional Water-Soluble Mold Release Concentrate. (Makes 2.5 quarts of Mold Release)
  • 1 Half gallon Olde World StoneKote Sealer
  • 5 lbs. Concrete Colorant - 1 Brown, 1 Harvest Gold, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Black. Or your choice of these colors totalling five pounds.
  • 1 Quart "Cast Iron" Premix Concrete Fortifier/Additive.
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You can custom finish the stones, and make them in virtually any color or combination of colors that you can imagine, using our concrete colors. And with the color being integral, it will never wear off.

Many of our customers start out with a project of their own, and end up starting a small business providing concrete products to their family, friends, neighbors, homeowners, builders, and contractors. Should you be interested in starting a manufactured stone business, we can help you. We've helped entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers get started since 1992. Should there be interest, please visit our Business Opportunity website.

Complete FREE instructions are included with each mold purchase, and further advice and help is available on our instructions website, or by email.

Thank you for your interest in, and consideration of, our products. Should you need assistance of any kind, feel free to email: We'll get right back to you with an answer or solution.

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