ODF-72 - 72 Flat-Face Stackstone Molds+ F/S



You are saving $50.00 off of the regular $449.75 price of the five sets of molds.  To see a photo of each Drystack-Flat-Face Stackstone set, click on the "More Pictures" button to the left.

 Each sheet of our "Olde Stackstone Stackstone" molds cover an area of about 3-4 square feet when installed tightly against each other. The individual stones range in size from about 2"x6" to 4"x22", and are all about 1.5" to 2" in depth. Of course, by turning a stone upside-down, and using a slightly different color, the same stone "shape" can be used over and over without looking like a duplicate stone.


FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA! Discounted shipping elsewhere! Here are seventy-two  (72) different, “Olde Drystack Stackstone" concrete molds. That is all five sets of molds that we make in this style.  You can make custom-colored, heavy, medium, or lightweight stone with them. You get five different and unique, individual mold sets in this style that cover about twenty square feet of area. Install the stone upside-down to get twice the area coverage without any detectible duplication.


This Stackstone blends perfectly with our Drystack Ledgestone Mold Sets as well.  So if you have a very large project, you can blend them, and even our Limestone Molds so you have even less duplication.


PLEASE NOTE: The stones in the photo of the solid Stackstone wall are very tight to each other due to slightly cutting or grinding down the sides to make them more flush with each other. The stones made with these molds will have a slightly larger spacing due to the side angle... as much as 1/4" between each stone. This is so the stones can be de-molded easier, and so they will blend with the Drystack Ledgestone sets of stones in a mixed wall. If you desire very tight layers of stone, you may want to grind the sides down a bit to achieve this. This can be done easily with a composite masonry blade in a circular saw, or trim them with a wet saw to get them to fit tighter. This should only take a minute to do on each stone.


Each individual mold can be used hundreds of times, so you will be able to make thousands of feet of stone for pennies each... saving about 90% off of normal retail pricing.  You can use common bags of premix Sand Mix found in all building supply stores, or mix your own Portland cement and sand to save even more money on very large projects. Then just follow our simple coloring suggestions and techniques to make your own quality manufactured stone.

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