OKL-43 - 43 Unique Olde Kentucky Limestone Stone Veneer Molds - You get Free Shipping Too!






You are purchasing five sets, totalling 43 different, "OLDE KENTUCKY LIMESTONE" Concrete Molds, (Totals 18+/- sq. ft. per pour). The stones in our five-sheet set range in size from about 2" to 7.5" high, by 6" to 22" long. The individual mold sizes in each set can be viewed in the individual set listings.  These are available individually elsewhere in the store as well.

See photos of each of the five mold sets, and close-ups of two examples of individual molds, by clicking on the "MORE PICTURES" button to the left.

You can make custom-colored, heavy, medium, or lightweight stone with them. Make thick stepping stones, walls, and other vertical applications, or pour them thinner for flooring or thin veneer. It all depends on the thickness you pour them. These molds are between 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" thick to give the true Limestone "look" when used on a wall. Molds are separated for you from the sheets before shipping to make it easier to pour and de-mold the stones.

Complete FREE instructions on how to make and finish the stone are included with your purchase as well as Free access to our Training and Instructions website!

And you get FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA! Or DISCOUNTED SHIPPING to elsewhere in the world!


Add a couple of Ledgestone or Fieldstone Molds, available elsewhere in our store, to get an even better mix of stones, since they blend together so well.


After filling their own needs, many of our customers end up starting a small business from their home making tile, stone, pavers, and brick for friends, family, neighbors, contractors, and other do-it-yourselfers and homeowners! No need for a kiln, or special equipment. Men and women from all walks of life already have... WHY NOT YOU?

Complete FREE instructions are included with each mold purchase, and we also have a Training and Instructions website that you can refer to. If you are interested in possibly starting a small business, we have been helping entrepreneurs get started since 1995. Visit our www.Oldeworld.com website for complete details, or email Info@Oldeworld.com for additional information.


Thank you for your interest in, and consideration of, our products. Should you need assistance of any kind, email: info@Oldeworld.com

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