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Click on the MORE PICTURES button to the left to view additional photos of the popular OPUS ROMANO tile and paver pattern that YOU can now make and install, saving you thousands of dollars on a custom product and installation.


You are purchasing one four-size set of 12 molds consisting of two 6"x6"x3", five 6"x12"x3", three 12"x12"x3", and two 12"x18"x3" thick Paver Molds that will make a 36-inch square (9 square foot) batch of pavers per pour using all molds. When combined, they make up the popular four-size standard square Opus Romano Pattern as illustrated in "MORE PICTURES" above.


This set of molds is designed to make the Opus Romano Square Pattern illustrated above using 12 pavers or tiles of four mixed sizes. The pattern measures a nominal 36"x36" square. If you'd like a similar size area of coverage, but in the Opus Romano Alternate design pattern, see our P-5006-OR Set of Molds, and view the alternate design above or on that listing photo.


And if you want a Travertine type of finish like the photo, we will provide Free instructions on how to get and control the number of worm-holes and surface roughness on the pavers.  Just go to our Free Training and Instructions website at for instructions on this and other techniques you can use.


Larger quantity sets to make more molds per pour are available elsewhere in the store as well, and include FREE SHIPPING!



This mold set is part of our popular Opus Romano pattern of tiles and pavers. You seldom, if ever, see 3" thick Pavers like these in the sizes needed to put together the Opus Romano patterns. And we have not seen pavers thick enough for driveways in an Opus Romano pattern anywhere else.  Basically, the Opus Romano pattern needs four sizes that are 6"x6", 6"x12", 12"x12" and 12"x18", or three sizes that are 6"x6", 6"x12", and 12"x12", depending on preferences. 


These patterns can also be made with eight-inch base sizes in our thinner Wind-Swept Tile style format, as well as this 6" paver base size.  We offer our Wind Swept Tile in the 8" Opus Romano Pattern sizes.  The photos to the left of the Burnt Orange colored Wind-Swept Opus Romano Pattern are in the 8" format as an example. We will also provide a copy of the patterns and instructions for you to lay the pavers out in a couple of different Opus Romano patterns.




Our Opus Romano style paver molds, like our other brick, tile and stone molds, can be used hundreds of times.  These paver molds make a pavers of a thickness that is designed to be used for driveways, patios, walks, edginging, cobblestones, etc. We have hundreds of different styles, sizes, textures, and shapes of molds to choose from in addition to this style. If there is something you'd like that you do not see in our store, let us know. We may be able to make it for you... or you may have missed it in our store. 


We normally recommend that these pavers be poured to at least 2.5" thick when being used for a driveway, and really prefer that they be poured to their full 3" thickness. You can custom finish these pavers, and make them in virtually any color that you can imagine. Be sure to view the photos in this listing, as well as visit our other websites to see examples of the Opus Romano patterns in larger photo formats.


Remember... FREE instructions are included with each purchase, and help is only an email away. We also have a Free "Training and Instructions" website available to you by clicking: Feel free to email your questions to: We'll get right back to you with an answer or a solution. Thank you for your interest in our products.


These pavers also make excellent Garden Edgings for flower and vegetable beds, walks, etc., and as patio pavers when poured to 1.5" thick.  And don't forget that you can even pour them to 1/2" thick and make floor tiles with these molds as well.



Here are molds to make thick concrete driveway pavers that are capable of handling vehicular traffic when installed over a properly packed gravel and sand base driveway. Pour them 1.5" thick for patio pavers.  Or pour them 1/2" thick for floor tiles.

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