6 - #P-641- 6x6x1.5" Keystone Molds

SKU P-641-06

You are purchasing a set of six (6), 6"x6"x1.5" smooth stone keystone shaped Cobblestone molds to make custom-colored, hand-crafted, floor, counter, wall, and cobblestone in virtually any color you may want! Great for patios, pool surrounds, driveways, cobble paths and walkways, etc. Poured full thickness... they make a beautiful 1.5" thick smooth, keystone-shaped paver. Poured to 1/2", they make a great tile for floors, walls, counter tops, etc.


NOTE:  the photo of the two keystone pavers are of our Castle Stone style as we have not taken photos of the #P-641 stone yet.  They are the same except for the texture... the #P-641 being smooth.


These molds are shaped like a keystone to make it easier to make circular and wavy designs with the pavers or tile you make.  The tops are 6" across, and the bottoms are 4" across, so when lined up next to each other, they make a curved pattern naturally, without the need to cut them.


Excellent for use in a packed sand patio or path, and can be made to look just like real granite cobblestones.  Click on the "More Pictures" button to the left to see actual granite cobblestones and cobblestones you can make with concrete and our molds.  These pictures are actually of 4"x6" cobblestones and are offered for illustrative purposes.  The photo that says Monarch Stone are real granite cobblestones.

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