#P661-12 12-Patio Paver Molds 6x6x1.5+ F/S

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You will receive the 12 molds cut individually for efficient shipping and ease of use.  Click on the MORE PICTURES button to the left to see additional photos of installations.  The molds you are purchasing will make patio pavers that are 1.5" thick.


You are purchasing a set of 12 of these P661 Square Smooth Pavers and getting FREE SHIPPING!  These molds make a nominal 6"x6"x1.5" smooth, square, cobblestone type of patio Paver.  These (12) 6"x6"x1.5" Pavers can be used directly in a packed sand base for patios, paths, etc., and will easily stand up to pedestrian traffic without any problems.  They can be made in virtually any color imaginable.  Use our #P-641 keystone shaped pavers with these to make wavy or other designs.


Our paver molds, like our tile and stone molds, can be used hundreds of times. And we have hundreds of different styles, sizes, textures, and shapes of molds to choose from. If there is something you'd like that you do not see in our store, let us know. We may be able to make it for you. We normally recommend that most tiles be poured to 1/2" thick, and that Pavers be poured to their full thickness, depending on the depth of the mold. You can custom finish them, and make them in virtually any color that you can imagine.


Remember... FREE instructions are included with each purchase, and help is only an email away. Feel free to email your questions to: Help@Oldeworld.com We'll get right back to you with an answer or solution. Thank you for your interest in our products.


These pavers also make excellent Garden Edgings for flower and vegetable beds, walks, etc.


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    Hello How can I order to ship it to Peru I want several molds and material how to decorate my home. Do you have a supplayer in LIma, Peru. Please, let me know..
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