#P882-24- 24-Driveway Paver Molds 8"x8"+ F/S

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Thick enough to be used for a packed sand and gravel driveway!


These 24 P-882 Molds measure 8"x8"x2.5" thick, and can made in any color you can imagine. 


Our paver molds, like our stone molds, can be used hundreds of times, if cared for per our simple instructions. We have hundreds of different styles, sizes, textures, and shapes of molds to choose from. If there is something you'd like that you do not see in our store, let us know. We may be able to make it for you.


We normally recommend that most tiles be poured to 1/2" thick, but they can be poured thicker, depending on the depth of the mold. Our pavers are normally poured to their full thicness... especially if being used for a driveway. You can custom finish them, and make them in virtually any color that you can imagine. And these molds can be used to make tile by pouring them thinner.


These pavers make great Garden Edgings around flower and vegetable beds, and for and to line garden walks, paths, patios, etc.  They are thick enough, and will be strong enough to be used as driveway pavers over a prepared and compacted sand base as well. 


Remember... FREE instructions are included with each purchase, and help is only an email away. Feel free to email your questions to: Help@Oldeworld.com We'll get right back to you with an answer or solution. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Molds are made with .060 H.I. rubberized ABS plastic for long life and hundreds of pours. They are self-supporting, so need no shell to hold them up like some of the cheap polystyrene molds available elsewhere. Molds are cut down from master sheet prior to shipping for ease of use during pouring and de-molding, and to further protect them during shipping.

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    This is a great paver. Just be careful to allow the correct drying time which allows proper shrinkage. They were quick to ship when ordered and great to do business with.
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