WD-1934S - Rope Trim Set of 2 Lions Facing Each Other Plaques+ F/S

SKU WD-1934S

These two Giant Left and Right-Facing Rampant Lion Crest Plaques are trimmed in rope design, measuring a nominal 19"x34"x2" each.  They can be poured with concrete, cement, or plaster. Paint, stain, or color integrally with cement colorant. The two plaques face each other.

Makes great Coat of Arms type of shields.   Imbed hooks in back for wall hanging. May be custom painted or stained to look like metal. Use interior or exterior.  Make a bunch of concrete or plaster plaques from this mold and easily sell them for more than double the cost of the mold alone. May be mounted on a building, wall, etc., with mortar or epoxy.

The mold is made with .060 H.I. Industrial ABS material for ability to duplicate detail, flexibility, durability, and long life. Molds are designed to last from 50 to 100+ pours.

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