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MAKE 6"x12"x.5" "Wind Swept" design tiles... FOR PENNIES EACH! -- Make hundreds of Non-Slip tiles almost anywhere. The molds are made with .060 Industrial ABS for strength and durability. Your raw material cost is under thirty cents per square foot.  Complete FREE instructions are included.  And we are only an email away should you need help.  All of the molds in this style are all 3/4" deep, allowing tiles to be made from 1/4" to 3/4" thick.


CLICK the "More pictures" button to the left to see additional pictures of this style tile, as well as the Opus Romano Tile Patterns that these tiles can be used in.



You are purchasing thirty-six (36) molds, and GETTING TWELVE ADDITIONAL MOLDS FREE!  PLUS YOU GET FREE SHIPPING!  Free shipping is within the Continental USA.  Discounted shipping available to elsewhere in the world!


We also offer this style of tile in many other popular sizes, as well as in sets to make the ever popular "Opus Romano" tile pattern consisting of either three or four different size tiles. This particular size tile is part of the 12" module of that pattern. There is also a 16" module for the pattern which is used for larger areas. See the listings in our store under Opus Romano Kits.


Customers who had never worked with concrete or molds before provided most photos that are in our listings and websites. They used bags of pre-mix concrete, concrete color, and our simple instructions. It is as easy as making a cake...but no oven is needed! - Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars on your next project... They did!


The unique aged-look of our concrete stone and tile is reminiscent of those found in the villas of Tuscany, the chateaus of Burgundy, and the haciendas of old Mexico. Yet it blends as comfortably around a Florida swimming pool, as it does a Bucks County, PA barn. Our customers are able to control the illusion of age... the color, the patina, the imperfections, and most importantly... the price. 


Now you can be a part of the hottest decorating and home improvement trend in the country... Handcrafted, custom-colored, cementitious tile, made with molds taken from real stone tile originals. And by making it yourself, you save up to ninety percent of retail prices, and get the exact color you want!


We have hundreds of different styles, sizes, textures, and shapes of molds to choose from. If there is something you'd like that you do not see in our store, let us know. We may be able to make it for you. We normally recommend that most tiles be poured to 1/2" thick, but they can be poured thicker, depending on the depth of the mold. You can custom finish them, and make them in virtually any color that you can imagine. Remember... FREE instructions are included with each purchase, and help is only an email away. Feel free to email your questions to: and we'll get right back to you with an answer or solution.


Thank you for your interest in our products.

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